The TELL Texas Survey is a statewide survey of school based licensed educators to determine if they have the supports necessary for effective teaching. The online survey will be administered in the spring of 2014. During the window the survey is administered, educators may complete the survey anytime, from any Internet location, using an anonymous password. 
Research continues to show that teaching conditions are positively associated with improved student achievement and teacher retention. The TELL Texas Survey provides educators with data, tools and direct support to facilitate school improvement. TELL Texas includes questions on the following topics:
• Community Engagement and Support
• Teacher Leadership
• School Leadership
• Managing Student Conduct
• Use of Time
• Professional Development
• Facilities and Resources
• Instructional Practices and Support
• New Teacher Support
A host of stakeholder groups collaboratively work with the Texas Education Department and New Teacher Center (NTC) to conduct the survey. For more information about NTC’s work across the country with TELL surveys, please see below.

The New Teacher Center’s “Teaching Conditions Initiative”

What is the Teaching Conditions Initiative?

The New Teacher Center (NTC), through its Teaching Conditions Initiative, provides a unique and valuable service to educators in schools, districts and states across the United States. This initiative consists of two parts: 1) administering an anonymous, online survey about teaching conditions in one year, and 2) working with the client in the second year to utilize results from the survey in school improvement plans and policies.

NTC’s Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Survey has been externally validated and nationally recognized. Using the school as the unit of analysis, the survey consists of a core set of questions that address the following teaching conditions: New Teacher Support, Instructional Practices & Support, Managing Student Conduct, School Leadership, Teacher Leadership, Community Engagement & Support, Use of Time, Professional Development and Facilities & Resources.

Since 2009, NTC has heard from more than one million educators across twenty states. The survey results provide more than 26,000 schools with data to incorporate into school improvement planning as well assisting state policymakers with information and research to reform policy and practice.

For more information, please click on the link to the 2012 Executive Summary. or  click here to View more information on NTC's Teaching Conditions Research